It’s worth checking out some of the most well-known van security locks if you’re searching for one. The Bulldog VA series lock is a fantastic choice for sliding side doors or rear wings. The locking mechanisms are activated by turning the keys into their lock position. They are installed on the outside of the van, which makes them hard to drill or pick. Their visible location can to deter criminals from attacking vans.


This manual Armourhsell van security door lock is perfect to protect your vehicle’s doors. The steel construction makes it highly resistant to typical van door attack. It has a high-quality shot-bolt, which fires when doors are shut. This lock is ideal for van security slam locks locking the area around your load and protecting the van. If you’re looking to avoid paying high fees for van Security lock installing security locks think about a hybrid lock instead.

Many people consider this product useful to secure valuable tools inside their van. It may also prevent thieves from taking the airbag in the vehicle or the steering wheel. The lock is also visible and can be placed on top of the steering wheel of the vehicle. It is secure and keeps thieves from taking it out and steal valuable tools. This lock can also be used to secure the steering wheel of the van from theft.

There are a variety of configurations for the Armourhsell van security locks, which include combinations of deadlocks and locks. Deadlocks are locks that inserts a bolt into a receiver fitted to the body’s opposite section. The lock is controlled by the driver and gives an excellent level of physical and visible security. This product can be used on both side loading doors as well as the rear barn doors. It comes with all the fixings needed for self-installation. The keyed-assembly armourshell lock is able to be fitted with an Garrison deadlock.

Bulldog VA series van security locks will protect sliding doors. The high-security Radial Pin lock and large bar offer the most security. The keyed-alike mechanism is able to prevent drilling and picking, while its electropolished design is resistant to picks and drills. The Bulldog security lock comes with an an impressive one-year warranty.


It is essential that your vehicle has a security lock of the highest quality. Installing a steering lock is a smart idea if you are worried about thieves stealing your car. A steering wheel lock can stop thieves from taking your car and can even lower your insurance premiums. The main advantage of installing a van lock is the peace-of-mind it offers. Here are some reasons why.

Slamlocks lock your doors automatically when you close them. They are particularly suitable for high-value or multiple drops. This feature is essential for tradespeople. Stoplocks are cheap and connect both sides of the door. They are very difficult for thieves open. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a van security lock, think about the slamlock.

This anti-theft feature works well on motorcycles, ATVs and golf carts. It is simple to install and almost impossible to remove with keys. It can be a challenge to lock and unlock the steering wheel with no tools. A burglar would also need to cause a large sound to break the window lock. The lock may not be compatible with all vehicle models. Therefore, you should verify the model of the car you’re driving before you purchase one.

Another advantage that makes this van security lock valuable is that it blocks keyless entry. With its steel frame, which is hardened, this van security lock helps prevent theft by preventing thieves from entering. The lock comes with three laser keys that are difficult to copy. The keys are simple to insert into the lock and you will need keys to unlock your van. That way, your tools and van will stay safe from thieves. Furthermore, the car security lock won’t affect the gas mileage of your vehicle.

Freightlock IQ

A high-quality car shutter door lock will help secure your goods and keep your cargo secure. The FreightLock IQ is an air-operated slamlock that is reliable in security and access control. The locking cylinder is placed on the inside of the load area, which provides the best protection against attacks and abuse. It is also driven pneumatically to ensure security and efficiency in the field.

FreightLockIQ door locking system can be used for side or rear doors. It locks the door automatically when it’s closed. It also generates an electronic seal which proves the security of the cargo during transit. The system also captures every door event such as those who entered and left the vehicle. The system can be linked to a telematics system which includes remote locking/unlocking capabilities. It works with all van security systems and requires minimal maintenance.

Hybrid lock

A hybrid van security lock is a great solution to ensure your possessions be safe and secure, whether you’re driving your own vehicle or sharing it with someone else. Its high-quality lock cylinder serves as a visual deterrent and physical security device. To increase security, it features an UV-treated plastic crown that is used to cover the deadlock cylinder. It is also easy to use.

Another popular van security lock is the deadlock. They are mechanical and can be attached to the van’s door or body panel that connects it. The locking bolt will slide into a bracket when it is turned on. A key is required to open it. To ensure maximum security, deadlock locking points are strategically located on the van. These locks are suitable for vans that have more than one driver, including couriers or multi-drop delivery drivers.

The bulldog VA series security lock was created for vans that have rear wing doors and sliding side doors. It’s simple to set up and comes with multiple sets of keys. This van security lock was designed for high-security vehicles and is resistant to picks and drills. It’s also visible, so thieves are less likely your van. The Bulldog VA series lock can be put on any door, including sliding side doors.

A hybrid van security lock will also protect your keys from theft. If your van isn’t locked, it can send a visual and audible signal. This signal could be spotted by thieves using jammers. In this scenario your van is open to theft. Fortunately, modern vehicles have an audible or visible lock signal however, if you’re putting your keys in the van, make sure you lock it even if you’re going to be gone for a few minutes.


The Armourh van security lock is a certified by Thatcham locking system that gives you an additional locking point to your van. The deadlock cylinder is both a physical and visual security measure. The escutcheon is made of UV-treated black plastic. Both lock mechanisms are resistant to pickings and drilling. They also offer additional protection in an emergency. To learn more, see below.

It is important to ensure that your van’s lock is Thatcham approved. This will lower the cost of insurance. Also, think about installing additional locks on your van, for instance Diskloks which you could connect to the steering wheel. This way, thieves cannot cut the upper doors and cannot easily pry them open. Thieves can also try to open a van’s doors using keys, since they’ll have more difficulty getting access than vans with conventional locks.

Armourh van security locks are available for both the rear and side-load barn-style doors. They require little space to be installed, but they offer a strong visual deterrent. The Armourh lock is easily visible and prevents thieves from stealing valuables. The satin nickel-finished components will offer a long-term security solution. The Locking Mechanism can be purchased through the internet or from your local van dealer.

Other security measures for vans include ladder clamp locks and pipe carriers that lock. Some vans have spare-tyre locks. Apart from locking the doors these locks also safeguard your tools. If you are using your van to deliver deliveries, you could opt for one of the Armourh van security lock systems. They are the ideal solution for any commercial vehicle owner who needs van security.