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Zoonsteel is well-identified in stainless steel mesh air filter production. Since its institution, we affiliate manufacturing an enormous quantity of stainless steel mesh air filters that distribute to all native and worldwide market branches.

Zoonsteel occupies much more than 100,000m2 manufacturing unit areas, three workshop divisions, excessive-tech manufacturing gear, and testing laboratories. We comprise greater than 300 workers who take part in reproducing a world-class stainless steel mesh air filter.

You can assure that using a stainless steel mesh air filter from Zoonsteel indeed meets your multifarious requirements. We solely provide the highest quality and sustainable stainless steel mesh air filter suitable for industrial, business, residential, or mechanical functions. Hence, each dimension of our air filter product has already surpassed the best proportion of EPC, IAF, and GB/T19001-ISO9001 certificate approval.

Stainless steel mesh air filter is right for ventilation and filtration of your machines and gadgets. It helps remove all of the undesirable dust contaminants inside your machines and maintain their consistent condition and function. These filters can be reusable. Washable anytime. Every factor produces from the sturdiest materials that withstand extra prolonged use and heavy-duty functions.

For almost 20 years in stainless steel mesh air filter production, we solely focus on our predominant goal in growing, enhancing, and expanding our energy on this subject. We have now adequate information. Understanding to analyze every stage we take. Our technical and managing workforce always ensures that our product undergoes day by day inspection and testing earlier than introducing it to all markets.

We are able to manage to transact your great orders of stainless steel mesh air filters. Our workers can hand out our samples. Should you cherished this short article along with you would like to receive more information regarding coustic mesh sale i implore you to check out our own page. Manuals of all products. We also settle for any inquiries, strategies, and complaints about our product as it can help us understand how we are able to improve our services.

Choosing Zoonsteel for your stainless steel mesh air filter is your finest choice to make. We’re glad to be chosen as a leading manufacturer and provider. On behalf of Zoonsteel staff, we 100% guarantee you that the satisfying product and companies are what you’ll at all times obtain.

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Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter: The last word FAQ Guide

Are you on the lookout for one of the best stainless steel mesh air filter however don’t have enough information about it?

We put together this instructional article about characteristics, advantages, options, and lots of different elements you want to consider earlier than buying.

By reading this Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) information, you possibly can determine the very best stainless steel mesh air filter in your explicit purposes.

What is Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter

It is quite a lot of mesh air filters with stainless steel compositions.

The stainless steel mesh air filter effectively filters unnecessary bacteria or dirt from the air.

It supplies semi-permanent and cleanable air filtration options for the atmosphere that requires rugged and reusable filters.

It is good to use for cleansing dirt particles of automobile engines.

What’s The scale of Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

The dimensions of a stainless steel mesh air filter is measured by fractional inches and microns.

1-micron is equal to 25000 inches

1000 millimeter is equal to a 1-micron

What are the advantages and Advantages of Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?


High-efficiency operation that may filter nearly 100% bacteria within the air.

Using stainless steel mesh air filter assures you the best consequence in keeping with your expectations.


Because of its excessive sturdiness, it may function maximum stage of the filtration process. It’s made up of high-grade stainless steel. Other compositions that final for a long time.


The stainless steel mesh air filter has a large number of functions.

Considering the distinctive options of stainless steel, as its operating temperature and stress, it is useful in many utilizations.

Easy to scrub

A clear stainless steel mesh air filter helps its process run smoothly.

Its straightforward-to-clean advantage assures you the best look and overall hygiene.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

Expensive Cost

A mesh air filter made up of stainless steel is comparatively has a excessive price.

You want to organize a price range earlier than purchasing it.

Periodic Maintenance

Frequent cleansing and removal of debris or dirt are required.

It consumes effort and time.

How Do You Clean the Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

> Spray the mesh air filter cleaner on each sides of the stainless steel filter.

> Using a smooth brush, wash and clear the SS mesh air filter.

> Rinse it with chilly water

> Remove the dirt or debris from the filter

> Let it dry

There are a lot of how to wash the stainless steel mesh air based on its specific functions. Sometimes, using a vacuum is easier to scrub the filters. It’s also possible to use a mild detergent or dish soap.

What Method are Used to clean Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

Pressure Washing

This method removes unwanted particles by utilizing a pressurized jet.

Pressure washing barely removes plugged particles in the openings.


Backflushing is the method of cleansing the place you may obliterate the hard-to-reach particles. It filters the flow of substance in a filter system. The accumulated media in its opening.

Chemical Cleaning

This method makes use of chemicals like detergents, alcohol, and solvents when eradicating the contaminant particles on the filter’s surface. It’s like the manual process of cleansing. The least effective technique of cleaning.

What are the standard and Classifications of Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?



UL 900


What are the Specifications of a Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

The stainless steel mesh air filter has a number of layers of aluminum with 0.25 inches enlarged thickness.

It is also accessible with a single layer, depending on the required degree of airflow to your particular purposes.

Learn how to Repair Damages of a Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

Methods for repairing stainless steel mesh air filters depend upon the causes of the damages, which includes:


Remove mud with water or alkaline solutions.

For cleaning different filthy matter with powerful adhesion, industrial filter mesh it demands high-stress water or steam.

Rusty Spot

A Rust spot implies that the mesh air filter is critically contaminated.

You could examine and take away the rust before its further production.


A polishing machine is an immediate resolution to remove scratches from stainless steel mesh air filters.

Residual Adhesive

Organic flux can remove easy residual adhesives.

Otherwise, mechanical cleaning is advisable if it is already onerous to take away.

Inspecting and repeatedly cleansing the stainless steel mesh air filter extends its life service.

What are the Features of Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

Heat resistance

Chemical resistance

Water resistance

Corrosion resistance

Aesthetic appearance


What are the Common Varieties of Weaving for Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

Forms of Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter Weaving

Plain Weave

Its wrap wires go alternately above, and underwires are crossing at the best angle.

It is the same old weave with extended purposes.

Dutch Plain Weave

It’s composed of small wires inside the fill, wire strands, and mild mesh.

It filters considerably with glorious openings.

Dutch Twilled Weave

One of these weave is a mix of the dutch plain and screen printing mesh twilled weave. It utilizes various latitude. Longitude threads. It has quite a few measures of wire meshes.

It carries heavier hundreds compared to the opposite type of weaves.

Reverse Weave

In wrapping, reverse weave makes use of coarse mesh wire strands. It uses gentle wire mesh. Strand to fill the spaces.

Using reverse weave type of mesh air filter enhances filtration processes.

What Factors should you Consider when Choosing Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?


Know your stainless-steel mesh air filter functions, for you can resolve what type of building you need. Some sorts include:

-sintered mesh

-photograph-etched media

-laminated SS filter mesh

Stainless Steel Material

Check the person properties corresponding to temperature, strain, and reactions to different elements.

Each sort of stainless steel materials has its benefits and goal.

Mesh Number

A large mesh quantity gives a variety of mesh air filter openings per inch.

Mesh Size

Mesh sizes affect the filtration processes. Choose the most suitable dimension in accordance with your purposes and desired operation.

Strand Diameter

Thicker strand diameter offers small mesh openings. The larger the strand diameter, the upper the number of mesh stainless steel filters.

Filter Mesh Form

Stainless steel mesh air filter has various varieties and sizes.

Select the form of stainless steel mesh air filter in line with your purposes and aimed outcomes.

What is the Metal Grades Used for Manufacturing Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

SS 304 Air Filter Mesh. Chromium and nickel steel-made grade of stainless steel mesh air filter. It’s also a non-iron feature.

SS 304L Air Filter Mesh. A grade of stainless filter that has the next amount of carbon than SS 304.

SS 316 Air Filter Mesh. It contains manganese, chromium, silicon, nickel, and carbon parts.

SS 316L Air Filter coustic mesh. It consists decrease quantity of carbon than SS316 air filter mesh.

What are the Contaminants Filtered by the Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

Hair and animal fur





Fibers and lint

Mold spores

Wood particles or plaster

Other microorganisms

How Do You Manufacture Stainless Steel Mesh Air Filter?

Material Testing

It implies inspecting and testing the standard of supplies you want to make use of for manufacturing.

Testing its Wires

It engages in testing its wire strands for weaving stainless steel mesh air filters.

Channel Regulations

It’s the process of regulating parameters akin to micron quantity and size.


All weaving methods are achieved in response to purposes when manufacturing different types of stainless steel mesh air filters.

Quality Inspection

This process tests the standard of manufactured stainless steel mesh air filters.

Testing the quality of the said filter reaches all requirements and accessibility.

Installing a stainless steel mesh air filter on facilities, rooms, and even home relieves respiratory issues. Its capacity to filter air particles contributes to healthier dwelling.

The cleanroom application requires a pre-filter to HEPA filter layers. It is important to make use of secure supplies akin to titanium, copper, and nickel for various chemical remedy causes.