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If you’re in the market for a van security slam lock you’ve come to the right place. There are a myriad of choices to think about such as the Armadillo lock, Hook lock, van security locks Catlocs and the L4V slam locks. Learn more about these locks and how they protect your van. Once you’ve determined which type is appropriate for your van you’ll have an simpler time selecting the ideal lock for your vehicle.

Armadillo lock

If you own a van, you might have thought about installing an slam lock. These van security devices lock your vehicle each time you close its doors. Additionally, you will be able of unlocking the vehicle from inside, Van security slam locks without a key, if you’d like to do this. The slam locks are generally installed on the van’s back doors, but they can also be used to stop van theft.

If you often leave or access your van, you may be interested in a deadlock or slam lock. A deadlock, on the contrary, provides additional security by stopping a burglar from opening the van. You may also want to consider a tracking system to monitor your vehicle when it is stolen. This will enable police to locate your vehicle and retrieve it in an emergency.

An Armadillo van security slamming locks prevents vans from being accessed by force by keeping the van’s door shut. The van security slam locks are made up of two components: the main structure, and the door. These locks are hard to open even with powerful force. British Gas uses these locks to stop theft of vehicles.

Hook lock

Van security slam locks can be purchased for the front, side and rear doors of your van. Deadlocks are typically used on van doors and offer some visual deterrence. Hook locks are superior to deadlocks, and are highly favored by delivery drivers and couriers. Hook locks do not need to be locked with keys unlike deadlocks. Here are some benefits of hook locks for vans.

The van security slam locks are similar to deadlocks but are much more simple to use. Slam locks, unlike deadlocks automatically lock when the van cab door is closed. They do not require a second hand to operate and are therefore ideal for van security. They also make a great option for multi-drop deliveries and high-value loads. They can be used to protect the van’s exterior and interior from being hacked by thieves.

Hook locks are also simple to use. Since the hook is not part of the van’s locking mechanism it is only the person who is driving the van that can operate it. Hook locks are made of metal and is hung over the bolt’s diameter of 12 millimeters. Hook locks can also be used with the Vanlok key system, which lets van owners lock all locks with one key. They are a fantastic choice for drivers-on-ownership, or for businesses where the driver is dependent on the security of their van.


If you’re seeking to increase the security of your vehicle look into installing a slam lock. These locks lock your vehicle automatically when the door is shut. Since they don’t require a key, they are a very convenient and secure option to keep your van secure from thieves. The added benefit of an slam lock is that it requires you to unlock the door from inside, which can prevent van theft.

Catalytic converter theft is a huge problem for car owners. However there are a lot of criminals who are targeting this component of the vehicle. CATLOC(r) is created to protect catalytic converters, which are a crucial part of many vehicles. The slam lock comes with high security fixings and marked by the police. The process of installing the lock typically takes between 15 to 45 minutes, depending on the vehicle and the tools that you have at your disposal.

The slam lock offers a lot of advantages, but it might not be the best solution for your van. There are hook locks, deadlocks and guards, but which is the best choice for you? Find out more on the benefits of each by visiting the Garrison Locks blog. This blog is an excellent starting point when you’re looking to learn more about deadlocks. It might be helpful to read the FAQs page of the manufacturer to determine which is the most appropriate for your van’s requirements.

L4V Slam lock

The L4V van security slam locking device is one of the best locks on the market. The slam lock operates by locking the van doors when the door is shut. The L4V Slamlock Key is required to unlock the van. The van security locks is equipped with a new handle made of stainless steel. It’s also powder-coated.

The L4V Slamlock is an effective van security solution for couriers, delivery drivers and other commercial vehicles. It provides security and prevents the accidental unlocking of cargo doors during transport. The L4V Slamlock can also be used to lock rear barn doors and side load doors. It is easy to set up and has a prominent profile on the van. There are many configurations of the L4V van security lock lock to suit different business needs.

The L4V van security slam locks fit as close to the existing door handle as is feasible. They function as an external handle, which prevents an unauthorized entry into the van. The handle that is external does not provide access to the vehicle, but it can be used to open and close the door. It may be necessary to push the remote button twice to take out the slam lock.

Armaplate Sentinel

The Armaplate Sentinel van security’slam’ locks are the most effective in security for vehicles. The security for vans is an excellent value for price, since it is permanent in its installation. The Sentinel is made of high-quality stainless-steel that protects the vehicle’s lock from intrusion by anyone else.

Armaplates are particularly beneficial for vans of small to medium size. They are able to stop burglaries and van theft attacks, and are more secure than replacing expensive tools. Armaplates are almost impossible to remove once placed on the van with threaded screws. The cost of an armaplate can be surpassed by the cost of replacing tools.

Van slam lock is also a great way to secure the catalytic converter in the van. This measure of security can save you time and money based on the number of people living in your van. Protect your precious metals with this van security gadget. Investing in a Sentinel Slam lock will give you peace of mind and reduce the amount of time spent fixing broken items.

You can find these security slam locks on the internet. To ensure you have the right lock, make sure your van’s model matches the lock. It is important to choose a reliable company with an excellent reputation within the field. It’s worth the money and peace of mind. The Armaplate Sentinel van security slam locks are an excellent investment for your van.

Armaplate slam handle lock

Armaplate van security locks can make a big difference in protecting your van. Slam handles, unlike deadlocks, lock automatically when the van’s door is closed. They don’t require any additional hands to operate. They are ideal for multi-drop couriers or for operations with large-value loads. Installed on the door van security door locks of the cab of vans, they stop theft while in traffic or in a car park.

The armaplate safeguards the current lock barrel. Thieves are able to easily cut or break van locks. By enclosing the barrel the Armaplate blocks thieves from gaining access and removing the lock. The Armaplate van security handle lock guards the van lock as well as the skin around the door. By securing both the lock and the door, Armaplate van security slam handles are the best choice for fleet managers who are discerning.

In addition to providing an additional layer of security, Armaplates can also cover the damage caused by van. This can prevent costly repairs from replacing the door, while providing added security. A tiny hole of 3mm in a van door is easily exploitable by a criminal, but an Armaplate can prevent it from happening. This can save hundreds of pounds on repairs. If you need to replace your van’s door it’s worth the expense.