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If you own a van you might be thinking about installing a security lock onto it. There are a variety of security locks to choose from, including deadlocks and slamlocks. If you’re not sure which one to choose, this article will help you determine which type is right for your vehicle. You can also look into other kinds of security locks such as Trimax and Replocks. After you’ve decided which type you want, you will be able to locate the appropriate van security locks for your location.


Consider the benefits of van security locks. Because they are a visual deterrent, these devices can help safeguard your van against thieves. They also require a high-security key to open. Installing these devices will help you to get lower insurance rates. Here are just a few benefits:

Slamlocks can be integrated into the lock mechanism of your vehicle. After installation, they automatically close the doors when they are closed. These are an especially useful feature for couriers or multi-drop drivers since they typically have to hold a delivery using two hands. This safety feature makes couriers more vulnerable to theft during transportation. They also run the risk of losing other valuable cargo in the meantime. Slamlocks are simple to set up and maintain, and come with replacement cables.

Security locks for vans can be expensive. They generally cost PS130, but this can vary based on the model and brand of the van. The best type of van lock is determined by the way you plan to use your van. For instance, couriers may choose slamlocks for van security because they minimize the risk of the van being left unlocked. Slam locks aren’t the only option. Deadlocks provide an additional layer of security , and cannot be picked from the inside of the van.

Van slam locks could be a great solution for commercial vehicle security but they can’t replace factory-fitted locks. These locks have keys that are secure and secure the doors when they are closed. Van slam locks are an ideal solution for couriers or tradesmen who forget to lock their vans. They also provide great security in terms of visuals.


Installing deadlocks in your van can help to protect your valuable cargo. Although it is possible to change your locks, deadlocks can be efficient in improving security of your van. They aren’t easily visible however they provide an extra layer of security. There are two kinds of deadlocks: hook and lever. Both are secure and safe. Here are some tips for choosing the right one for your vehicle. You can be assured that your van is secured from theft once you have put in a deadlock.

Deadlocks are a very popular van security upgrade. They are available for almost all van models in the UK. These deadlocks can be used with factory locks to provide double security. If you’re a tradesperson, then it is a good option. They can be used to secure your vehicle night and day and can be used with your current lock to ensure that no one is tampered with.

Van deadlocks come in a variety of styles and materials. Many are certified by Thatcham Research, a security testing company. For the most secure security, opt for a deadlock that has been approved by the organization. When choosing the right van lock, keep in mind that the most vulnerable spot is the door’s exterior security van door locks and the most convenient way for burglars to gain entry to your van is via the exterior. If you’re a delivery driver, an slam lock can provide the greatest security. A deadlock is the ideal choice if you don’t use your van often.


More often, car burglaries have become a serious problem, and Replocks van security locks can be the solution. Replocks van security locks replace the door’s factory-fitted lock with a security version. They are supplied with a security code, and can increase the security of your van substantially. Unfortunately, standard car locks are susceptible to picking locks, which makes them the ideal target for thieves.

You can increase the security of your van by installing deadlocks, without spending an excessive amount. These locks attach a separate bolt to the door, and only operate by the driver of the van. Deadlocks also stop a common attack, known as a ‘peeling attack’, in which van drivers fold the top of the door to gain access. Replocks for van security locks come with high-security keys that deter theft which makes them a perfect solution for van owners.

Replocks van security locks are available in two key types: skeleton and brutish. Both keys are made for locksmiths who are professionals. However the skeleton key could be purchased illegally online. Skeletons do not leave visible indications of a break-in which is why they could be a problem when you file insurance claims. Additionally, the most brutal methods of unlocking vans include twisting them with pliers. The Hykee RepLock is visually distinct from the standard lock, which discourages thieves and provides an extra layer of security.


It is essential to have the best van security locks for security locks for vans your vehicle. A high-quality locking system like the Trimax THPhasp will protect your van from burglars and thieves. A good lock system will include an armourhsell and keys that are put into the lock. You should also pick locks that are compatible with the requirements of your vehicle. You should choose van security locks that will meet your needs and those of the thieves.

There are various kinds of van security locks. Trimax van security locks made from steel that is hardened is available. They are able to fit large van doors. The lock and groove are secured by the wraparound design, making it difficult for thieves to get access to them. Although they’re not equipped with mounting hardware, they’re easy to install using seven-eight-inch carriage bolts. Once they’re installed, they’ll prevent anyone from gaining access to your van.

These van security locks are simple to use. The door security locks for vans on the driver’s side is the most vulnerable to theft. Choosing a lock with strong reinforcement washers and a design that is visually appealing can boost the value of your vehicle. They’re costly however they can offer the owner peace of peace of. You can also install security locks on other doors, such as the passenger side. You should make sure that you purchase high-quality security locks since they are worth their weight in gold!

UFO lock

The UFO van security locks protect your vehicle from theft and vandalism. The lock is designed to be used on vans and light commercial vehicles It is anti-pry, drill-resistant, security locks for vans and compact which makes it easy to secure your vehicle. The UFO fleet-box is the perfect solution for van owners who have keys in their vans. It is possible to store them in the lock and then unlock it using the UFO keybox.

The lock can be fitted on most van doors and includes automotive fixings. It can be installed on either the side or rear doors of the van. The UFO van security lock is easy to installdue to its stainless steel construction and drill-resistant cylinder. It is available as one, three and two door kits. The UFO is easy to install and comes with a single lock for both sides of the door.


If you require assistance in installing van security locks, look no further than Airtasker. The platform matches you with locksmiths in your local area. Simply post a job and within minutes you’ll get offers. You can read reviews from customers and pick the most suitable locksmith for your requirements. Airtasker will also assist you in finding a professional that fits your budget. Explore the following pages to learn about the various services offered by locksmiths on Airtasker.

If you’re looking to improve the security of your van and locks, a locksmith is a must. A skilled locksmith can identify the issue quickly and propose a solution. They’ll know how to properly install new locks. They’ll also be able recommend a professional locksmith when the old one is not working. If the locks on your van have been damaged and require professional help, a locksmith can replace them.

Tasker can also install heavy-duty brakes as well as steering wheel locks. You can also apply plastic window tint to keep your windows intact even if they are smashed. A GPS tracker is another great option for van security. It’s simple to install and it’s absolutely free! Be sure to leave reviews so you can choose the best locksmith for your requirements. You never know who may help you in an emergency.