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You can enhance the security of your van by investing in deadlocks that are secure. There are a number of different deadlocks available and this article will discuss the various kinds and their advantages. We will also go over the advantages and disadvantages of each type of deadlock. Once you’ve decided on the kind of deadlock you want, you will need to install it inside your van. Once the lock is installed, you’ll require the necessary instructions to ensure that it remains in place.


The Disklok steering-wheel lock is a great solution to prevent keyless entry. It comes with a three-year warrantee and is designed to fit steering wheel that range from 39 to 41.5 centimeters in diameter. The lock comes with a steering wheel cover to protect against unauthorised removal. The lock is costly but it is easy to put in and remove. Its Sold Secure Gold rating indicates that it is extremely difficult to break.

The Disklok is manufactured in the UK and comes with three keys and Van Security Deadlocks numbering tags. They also come with an anti-drill barrel which spins when the lock is opened. The lock also features a hardened steel barrel that is difficult to cut with hand tools. Despite its reputation as a savage security device, Disklok van security deadlocks are easy to install, and the company is adamant about their product.

Streetwize XLock is another popular product. This locking device for steering wheels despite its bright yellow, full-cover design, can accommodate steering wheels up to 39cm diameter. It also comes with a storage container and Van Security Deadlocks weighs just 3.56kg. This is less than the Disklok. If you need a lighter lock should consider the Streetwize Urban X steering wheel lock.

As the most durable steering wheel security lock on the market, Disklok has won many awards. It has secured thousands of vehicles across the United States and won numerous awards. If it is attacked, it spins on the steering wheel, which stops the driver from steering the vehicle. It also protects the ignition lock cylinder from being damaged. This makes it difficult for thieves to gain entry into your van. Disklok van security deadlocks offer numerous benefits.


An Armourhsell van security deadlock is an manual lock designed to provide maximum security and withstand common attacks on van doors. It features a shoot-bolt of heavy duty that opens when the doors are closed, and is perfect to secure the load area. The steel construction of this lock makes it a perfect van security option. The Armourhsell van security locks come with keys to enhance security.

The Armourhsell van security lock is a popular choice. It is the strongest physical lock for van doors and has been designed to stop most common attacks. These locks are available in three-door, two-door , and one-door versions. In contrast to conventional locks, they require only one key to open and close. They are available at a reasonable price, so you can choose the most secure security for your vehicle.

A high-quality lock system is crucial for keeping your vehicle secure. Deadlocks from Armourhsell are a good investment. They are highly secure and designed with security in mind. Trimax THP locks provide exceptional protection against various threats. Through the integration of these two top-quality locking systems, you will be able to protect your vehicle from all types of attacks. You can also install an additional security system like an armourhsell to go along with your lock.

A deadlock works in the same way as a normal lock, except that the key cannot be removed. Because it does not feature spring mechanism it is very difficult for thieves to break. This makes it possible for thieves to force to open this lock without keys. A high-quality van security deadlock will enhance the value of your van as well as provide you with security. You’ll never know who will get into your van without the key.

Armourhsell van security deadlocks offer another important advantage: security van locks most of these locks are certified to provide high security. A deadlock must be endorsed by the British Locksmiths Association (BBA) even if it’s not a high-quality lock. To ensure security to the maximum, it must pass rigorous testing. Additionally, it must be compatible with your vehicle. These locks are particularly helpful for vans.


Garrison provides a deadlock for van locks that provides additional security. These deadlocks can be used as a separate mechanical device from the vehicle’s current locking mechanism. They’re similar to the deadbolts on front doors, except that they don’t lock themselves. Instead, a manual key must be turned to unlock the lock the cylinder. This prevents van thieves from gaining access to the door of your van by forcing it open.

Garrison van security deadlocks are engineered to provide the best level of protection. These locks work with many vehicles and have the longest throws of bolts. The deadlocks are also equipped with dimple keys to provide additional security. Garrison is the top van security company and installer in the UK. To find out more about van security products, get in touch with an organization today. They can assist you in making the right choices about your needs and help you select a safe and secure van.

When it comes to van security, Garrison Locks is your most reliable choice. They not only offer the full range of Garrison van security solutions and accessories, but they also provide a variety of after-market accessories to enhance your security system. If your budget doesn’t allow for new locks, you are able to purchase Lithium batteries to power your van. To make it even easier, visit the UK’s leading online store for van security, Locksmith Supplies.

Lock Dog

The Lock Dog is a visual theft deterrent, permanently affixed to a van’s door. It has been proven to be a reliable deterrent over the decades, preventing van thieves from stealing items. This van security deadlock is ideal for tradespeople and businesses that frequently transport goods. It’s easy to install and highly effective against van thieves. It’s also very easy to use.

A van security deadlock can provide the greatest level of protection against theft, break-ins, and vandalism. The deadbolt works by putting the receiver at the opposite end of the body. This van security deadlock has a single cylinder and cannot be opened from the inside. This security deadlock for vans is ideal for securing valuables from theft. It’s also recommended for vans that are stored in the night, or that have valuables.

A deadlock works by putting a bolt into a receiving bracket. This lock is physical locked to ensure that thieves are unable to force the door to open or force it open. The deadlock works in the reverse direction. A burglar cannot open the door or gain access into the van without a key. Although deadlocks can be picked and forced, this requires an experienced locksmith to unlock the door and open it.

A lockbox is another great option for van security. A lockbox bolts to the floor of the van and holds tools inside. A tool cover is also an excellent option to protect expensive tools. It’s essential to not lose your keys to the security cage. It is also recommended to consider purchasing a tracking device for your van – this will aid in the search for it should it be stolen. Lock all doors and windows to your van.