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Activision has responded to a report that claimed might be introducing a new microtransaction option that would allow players to purchase 308 ammo for sale350 legend ammo for sale packs for real-world money. The publisher has flatly denied it, succinctly stating in a statement to, “We’re not doing that.”

reported the information based on a “source familiar with the matter.”



GameSpot has contacted Activision in an attempt to get further details on the matter. We’ll update this post with anything we might hear back.

Destiny introduced microtransactions in October 2015 through the . Players can currently buy a range of individual emotes, including Air Guitar and Jazz Hands, as well as bundles that include multiple emotes, among other things.

The game’s microtransaction system could generate, according to one analyst, though the publisher has yet to provide any specific assessment of the micropayment’s revenue contribution to the megapublisher’s bottom line. Activision will hold its next earnings briefing in early February where more information may be divulged.

Microtransaction systems in AAA games is nothing new. Other high-profile examples of games that offer microtransactions include and. In fact, it is rare for such games not to have them, as and .

In other Destiny news,.

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